Watpac Limited Scheme of Arrangement

Relating to the proposed acquisition by BESIX Group SA of 50% of the ordinary shares in Watpac Limited held by each Watpac Shareholder (other than BESIX).


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Watpac may collect personal information in the process of implementing the Scheme. The type of information that it may collect about you includes your name, contact details and information on your shareholding in Watpac and the names of persons appointed by you to act as a proxy, attorney or corporate representative at the Scheme Meeting as relevant to you. The collection of some of this information is required or authorised by the Corporations Act.

The primary purpose of the collection of personal information is to assist Watpac to conduct the Scheme Meeting and implement the Scheme. Without this information, Watpac may be hindered in its ability to issue the Scheme Booklet and implement the Scheme. Personal information of the type described above may be disclosed to the Watpac Share Registry, third party service providers (including print and mail service providers and parties otherwise involved in the conduct of the Scheme Meeting), authorised securities brokers, professional advisers, Related Bodies Corporate of Watpac, regulatory authorities, and also where disclosure is otherwise required or allowed by law.

Watpac Shareholders who are individuals and the other individuals in respect of whom personal information is collected as outlined above have certain rights to access the personal information collected in relation to them. If you would like to obtain details of the information about you held by the Watpac Share Registry in connection with Watpac Shares, please contact the Watpac Share Registry.

Watpac Shareholders who appoint an individual as their proxy, corporate representative or attorney to vote at the Scheme Meeting should ensure that they inform such an individual of the matters outlined above.

Terms & Conditions

This website has been set up by Watpac Limited (ABN 98 010 562 562) (Watpac) in order to provide information for shareholders in relation to the proposed acquisition by BESIX Group SA (BESIX) of 50% of the ordinary shares in Watpac held by Watpac Shareholders (other than BESIX and its associates) (Scheme Shareholders) through a scheme of arrangement between Watpac and the Scheme Shareholders (Scheme). Under the Scheme each Scheme Shareholder will receive a cash consideration of A$0.92 per Scheme Share.

The Scheme Booklet found on this website does not in any way constitute or contain an offer to sell, or a solicitation to buy, any securities in Watpac in any place or jurisdiction where an offer or solicitation would be illegal.

The Scheme Booklet found on this website has been prepared without reference to the investment objectives, financial situation, taxation position and/or particular needs of any Watpac Shareholder or any other person. Information and recommendations contained in the Scheme Booklet do not constitute, and should not be taken as, financial product advice. The information on this website should not be relied upon as the sole basis for any investment decision in relation to the Scheme or the Watpac Shares. It is important that you consider the information in the Scheme Booklet in light of your particular circumstances. The Watpac Board encourages you to seek independent advice from your own independent and appropriately licensed financial, tax, legal, investment, or other professional adviser before making any decision regarding the Scheme or how to vote in relation to the Scheme.

A complete copy of the Scheme Booklet will be sent to all Watpac Shareholders on 1 May 2018. If you are a Watpac Shareholder and do not receive a copy of the Scheme Booklet in the form you elected, please call the Watpac Share Registry on: 1300 850 505 (within Australia) or +61 3 9415 4000 (outside Australia) on Business Days between 8.30am and 5.30pm (AEST). You should ensure that any copy of the Scheme Booklet that you view or print is complete. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Watpac is not liable for any loss incurred from accessing or downloading the Scheme Booklet from this website, including, but not limited to, data corruption on download.

The Scheme Booklet is an important document and should be read in its entirety. If you are uncertain as to how to deal with the document, or if after reading the Scheme Booklet you have any questions about the Scheme, you should consult your broker, financial, legal, investment, tax adviser or other professional adviser immediately.

The contents of this website do not form part of the Scheme Booklet. Watpac Shareholders should not rely on information contained on this website in relation to making any decision in respect of the Scheme. Further important terms and conditions affecting the Scheme Booklet are set out in the Disclaimer and Important Notices section commencing on page 2 of the Scheme Booklet, which should be read in its entirety.

Capitalised terms as used throughout this website and the Scheme Booklet are defined in Section 9 of the Scheme Booklet. Section 9 also sets out some rules of interpretation which apply to this Scheme Booklet.

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