Deakin University Plaza

Deakin, Victoria
  • Client Deakin University
  • Market Civil Landscaping
  • Division
  • Value $2.5 million
  • Status Complete

The precinct was designed to be a multi-functional and flexible area to allow the University to meet student needs and to provide opportunities for use among the local community. The brief from the local Council and University was to maintain the existing surrounding landscape finishes with minimal environmental disruption.

A combination of exotic, native plants and durable materials provide a landscape which will be less resource intensive in regards to maintenance for many years to come, yet still provide a unique space for a large number of students.  The design of the precinct’s plaza and walkways was fitting to its purpose.  It provides ample open space to facilitate functions and events and also contains private areas utilising precast seating forms for study, relaxation and meeting purposes.

Key features include:

  • Native and exotic plants throughout the campus
  • Combination of 5 different textures of concrete and surfaces
  • Precast seating providing student resting areas
  • Numerous ramps and sets of stairs providing easy access between building, streets and public transport
  • A new constructed car park with a minimum 670 car space
  • Detailed integrated survey set out
  • Recycled timber bench seats.

Deakin University Plaza

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